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St. Leonhard

District 20  
Leonhardsplatz,  2009

Leonhardsplatz, 2009

At the beginning of the 19th century the former village "St. Leonhard" only comprised eight houses, which assorted around this central place.

Geisseestrasse (1),  2010

Geisseestrasse (1), 2010

Alongside this conspicuous solitary house the western part of the "Geisseestrasse" is predominantly shaped by do-it-yourself stores.

Gustav-Adolf-Bruecke,  2010

Gustav-Adolf-Bruecke, 2010

Before some time the red brick buildings of the company "VDM" have been situated on the grounds below the bridge. Unfortunately this gem of industrial architecture was irretrievably wiped out.

Geisseestrasse / Gustav-Adolf-Strasse,  2010

Geisseestrasse / Gustav-Adolf-Strasse, 2010

Like an immense boundary marker the Nuremberg Funnel at the "Westring" indicates the beginning of the neighbouring district "Grossreuth bei Schweinau".

Geisseestrasse (2),  2010

Geisseestrasse (2), 2010

The Geisseestrasse connects the "Gustav-Adolf-Strasse" of the "Westring" with the "Schwabacher Strasse" in the east.

Geisseestrasse (3),  2010

Geisseestrasse (3), 2010

Mainly shaped by trade the "Geisseestrasse" in turn is stronger inhabited at its eastern end.

Schweinauer Strasse / Schwabacher Strasse,  2010

Schweinauer Strasse / Schwabacher Strasse, 2010

Since that time the pleasantly calmed "Schweinauer Strasse" became a pedestrian area, the traffic density of the "Schwabacher Strasse" not exactly didn`t increase.

Kreutzerstrasse,  2010

Kreutzerstrasse, 2010

This connection between the "Geisseestrasse" and the "Orffstrasse" was named after Rodolphe Kreutzer, which was a French composer of the 18th century.

Orffstrasse,  2010

Orffstrasse, 2010

The eponym of this splendid street Carl Orff was a significant German composer of the 20th century.

Orffstrasse / Kreutzerstrasse,  2010

Orffstrasse / Kreutzerstrasse, 2010

In this part of "St. Leonhard", incorporated in 1898, there are still numerous superb houses that survived the war.