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Station Nuernberg-Schweinau,  2009

Station Nuernberg-Schweinau, 2009

Coming into being in 1875, today the station serves the S-Bahn line S4 (Nuremberg - Ansbach). The old station building was totally destroyed in World War II.

Holbeinstrasse,  2009

Holbeinstrasse, 2009

The short, catchy street was named after the Renaissance painter Hans Holbein who created significant works in the 16th century.

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse (1),  2009

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse (1), 2009

This outward road begins at the underpass to "St. Leonhard". Along the train line its superior branch leads to an allotment garden area.

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Nopitschstrasse,  2010

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Nopitschstrasse, 2010

Crossing the road of "Aeusserer Ring" you leave the district "Hohe Marter" and enter the south of "Schweinau".

Kreuzsteinstrasse,  2010

Kreuzsteinstrasse, 2010

At the corner to "Hintere Marktstrasse" there is this idiosyncratic timber frame. The "Kreuzsteinstrasse" is presumably named after medieval padroes.

Hintere Marktstrasse (1),  2010

Hintere Marktstrasse (1), 2010

The district name "Schweinau" indicates a cattle husbandry in the meadows of the surroundings in ancient times.

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Elisenstrasse,  2010

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Elisenstrasse, 2010

In 1899 the former village "Schweinau" was incorporated into Nuremberg. Meanwhile its guildhall building has hosted the most different lodgers.

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse (2),  2010

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse (2), 2010

One of the few still existing timber frame houses gives an impression, how beautiful "Schweinau" might have been before the devastating bombing raids.

Hintere Marktstrasse (2),  2010

Hintere Marktstrasse (2), 2010

Right at the district border to "Sandreuth" facilities of the municipal refuse destructor are not to disregard.

Eisenstrasse,  2011

Eisenstrasse, 2011

Already for years the station hall of "Nuernberg-Schweinau" no longer is reserved for the passengers. Meanwhile it is a storage room for tradesman.