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District 18  
Sandreuthstrasse (1),  2009

Sandreuthstrasse (1), 2009

Except for the tenements of the southern side of the street and a few exceptions this district has always been a pure industrial area.

Sandreuthstrasse (2),  2009

Sandreuthstrasse (2), 2009

The distinctive water tower of the former gasworks is the landmark of "Sandreuth".

Sandreuthstrasse / Maybachstrasse,  2009

Sandreuthstrasse / Maybachstrasse, 2009

This extensive crossroads with its two neighbouring inns "Zeppelin" and "Sandreuther Hof" is definitely the centre of the district.

Maybachstrasse / Bruckwiesenstrasse,  2009

Maybachstrasse / Bruckwiesenstrasse, 2009

The "Maybachstrasse" has its beginning in the inhabited north at the "Sandreuthstrasse" and extends across the industrial area to the "Nopitschstrasse" of the "Suedring".

Maybachstrasse,  2009

Maybachstrasse, 2009

This commercial road was named after the automobile manufacturer Wilhelm Maybach (born in 1846) who was an alum of Gottlieb Daimler.

Industriestrasse (1),  2009

Industriestrasse (1), 2009

Exactly oriented to the water tower the "Industriestrasse" still in the 1960s had to be content with a cobblestone pavement.

Industriestrasse (2),  2009

Industriestrasse (2), 2009

Concerning run and function the "Industriestrasse" is the western equivalent of the more eastern situated "Maybachstrasse".

Nopitschstrasse,  2009

Nopitschstrasse, 2009

At the south-western corner of the district and above the "Suedring" there is the station "Nuernberg-Sandreuth" which was established in 1894.    

Sandreuthstrasse (3),  2009

Sandreuthstrasse (3), 2009

"Sandreuth" was already documented in the 13th century and became a part of the town in 1899. Its main artery road is running right next to the old gasworks.

Sandreuthstrasse (4),  2010

Sandreuthstrasse (4), 2010

Because of capacity problems the first gasworks at "Plaerrer" made way for the "Sandreuth Gasworks" which began operating in 1904.