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Hohe Marter

District 50  
Europe Canal,  2009

Europe Canal, 2009

In front of the Nuremberg telecommunication tower being the landmark of the district "Hohe Marter" a freighter converges to the "Tauberbruecke".

Dieselstrasse,  2009

Dieselstrasse, 2009

Exclusively shaped by industry the street was named after the 1858 born inventor of the diesel engine Rudolf Diesel.

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Alfonsstrasse,  2010

Schweinauer Hauptstrasse / Alfonsstrasse, 2010

At this street corner there is one of the few houses of the distict, which have survived the war.

Ambergerstrasse,  2009

Ambergerstrasse, 2009

Built in 1911 the school was named after the meritorious city chronicler Paul Amberger (1789–1844).

Zweibrueckener Strasse / Turnerheimstrasse,  2009

Zweibrueckener Strasse / Turnerheimstrasse, 2009

Based on the four mighty round towers of the Nuremberg city wall the high-rise bunker "Hohe Marter" was constructed at this crossroads in 1941.

Zweibrueckener Strasse,  2010

Zweibrueckener Strasse, 2010

In World War II this air raid shelter served the intake and security of about 500 citizens during bombing raids.

High-rise bunker,  2010

High-rise bunker, 2010

Since 1996 the 25 metres high round tower is hosting the "Garnisonmuseum Nuremberg", which offers guidances a few times a year.

Kavalastrasse,  2010

Kavalastrasse, 2010

Across the "Europe Canal" and the "Suedwesttangente" this footbridge directly leads to the west flank of the hill "Schweinauer Buck".

Kavalastrasse / Kuhweiherweg,  2010

Kavalastrasse / Kuhweiherweg, 2010

At the north-eastern corner of "Nuremberg-Roethenbach" you have an extensive view to the "Schweinauer Buck" at the south boundary of the district "Hohe Marter".

Daimlerstrasse,  2010

Daimlerstrasse, 2010

Coming from Fuerth the legendary locomotive "Adler" has just passed the telecommunication tower. At the "Ringbahn" such events rarely are to gaze.