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Hummelsteiner Schloesschen,  2010

Hummelsteiner Schloesschen, 2010

Originally constructed in 1487 as a moated castle the "Hummelsteiner Schloss" is situated in the midst of a charming park.

Hummelstein,  2010

Hummelstein, 2010

Before it got its today's appearance the small castle was rebuilt to a fortified moated castle in the years after 1487.

Hummelsteiner Schloss,  2010

Hummelsteiner Schloss, 2010

In the year 1899 the small castle including an estate was incorporated and finally in 1925 became the property of the "City of Nuremberg".

Pillenreuther Strasse / Sperberstrasse,  2010

Pillenreuther Strasse / Sperberstrasse, 2010

Close to the educational establishment "Suedpunkt" an old timber frame house resembling a manor is waiting for a badly needed general refurbishment.

Allersberger Strasse / Gudrunstrasse,  2010

Allersberger Strasse / Gudrunstrasse, 2010

Austerely the red-brick block of the telegraph building rises at the northeastern edge of the so-called post-town which was constructed between 1928 and 1931.

Im Posthof,  2010

Im Posthof, 2010

At the "Jean-Paul-Platz" you see the uniform brick rows of the tenements belonging to the post-town. The whole historic area is under preservation order.

Sperberstrasse,  2010

Sperberstrasse, 2010

Built in 1914 the "Sperberschule" was nearly completely destroyed in World War II. In the course of renovations they found an English aerial bomb of five centners here.

Kleestrasse,  2010

Kleestrasse, 2010

Nowadays named "Hummelsteiner Park" the old inn of the "Hummelstein Castle" runs its beer garden since 1721.

Frankenstrasse / Ingostrasse,  2010

Frankenstrasse / Ingostrasse, 2010

Opposite to the "Hasenbuck" and directly at the south border of "Hummelstein" you can find the traditional inn "Zur Waldschaenke".

Frankenstrasse / Allersberger Strasse,  2010

Frankenstrasse / Allersberger Strasse, 2010

Not too long ago the Baptist parish "Baptistengemeinde am Suedring" set up its camp at the south-eastern corner point of Hummelstein.