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District 12  
Allersberger Strasse / Sperberstrasse,  2010

Allersberger Strasse / Sperberstrasse, 2010

The southern part of the Allersberger Strasse is the district border between Hummelstein on the western and Guntherstrasse on the eastern side.

Hiroshimaplatz,  2010

Hiroshimaplatz, 2010

The sought-after business park Nuerbanum is a result of the industrial architecture of the no longer established companies Philips and TEKADE.

Wodanstrasse,  2010

Wodanstrasse, 2010

The massively built houses behave like colossal sentinels which are flanking the eastern entry into the Nibelungenviertel.

Baldurstrasse,  2010

Baldurstrasse, 2010

Just like most of the other streets of this quarter the cultivated Baldurstrasse got its name from the "Saga of the Nibelungs".

Brunhildstrasse,  2010

Brunhildstrasse, 2010

Just around the corner of Wodanstrasse a name of an inn recalls the nearby manor "Petzenschloss" of the local centre Lichtenhof.

Guntherstrasse,  2010

Guntherstrasse, 2010

Next to the beer garden at Allersberger Straße the Guntherstrasse, after which the statistic district also is named, is ending.

Allersbergerstrasse at Jean-Paul-Platz,  2010

Allersbergerstrasse at Jean-Paul-Platz, 2010

In front of this mixed block of houses near Isoldenstrasse runs the boundary line to Hummelstein and Lichtenhof.