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District 15  
Markgrafenstrasse,  2010

Markgrafenstrasse, 2010

In the southern part of the street you are confronted with a combination of housing complex and establishment of industry.

Frankenstrasse / Sperberstrasse,  2010

Frankenstrasse / Sperberstrasse, 2010

Here, at this bus stop "Markgrafenstrasse" serving the line 65 the "Frankenstrasse" has its beginning in the west.

Gugelstrasse / Lothringer Strasse,  2010

Gugelstrasse / Lothringer Strasse, 2010

The two older free gabled houses at the Lothringer Strasse give some idea of the appearance of this area before the war.

Gugelstrasse,  2010

Gugelstrasse, 2010

The street name refers to the old Nuremberg patrician family "Gugel von Brand und Diepoltsdorf" of the 15th century.

Tafelfeldstrasse,  2010

Tafelfeldstrasse, 2010

Behind this massive brick facade the former counter factory of the Siemens AG has been working which meanwhlie is replaced by the "Energie-Technologisches Zentrum (etz)".

Gugelstrasse / Markgrafenstrasse,  2010

Gugelstrasse / Markgrafenstrasse, 2010

This litte traffic junction in the heart of the district consolidates the Pfaelzerstrasse and the Schuckertstrasse, too.

Pfaelzerstrasse / Thueringer Strasse,  2010

Pfaelzerstrasse / Thueringer Strasse, 2010

Across the "Siemens bridge" the Pfaelzerstrasse takes course to the neighbouring statistic district "Gibitzenhof" in the west.

Siemensbruecke (1),  2010

Siemensbruecke (1), 2010

Directly besides the Gibitzenhof church St. Ludwig the huge company grounds of the Siemens AG are extending.

Siemensbruecke (2),  2010

Siemensbruecke (2), 2010

It seems not a long time ago, that they have planted trees along the brick walls at the exemplary cultivated, internal factory road. 

Pfaelzerstraße,  2010

Pfaelzerstraße, 2010

May be that there is a magnetic event in the eastern situated church "Gustav-Adolf-Gedaechtniskirche" that makes the congestion on the "Siemens bridge" explicable.