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Baldurstrasse / Siegfriedstrasse,  2010

Baldurstrasse / Siegfriedstrasse, 2010

Numerous pastel colours impart the facades of this northern side street of the Wodanstrasse a serene and juvenile appearance.

Friggastrasse,  2010

Friggastrasse, 2010

The tiny Friggastrasse lies at the western entrance of the "Nibelungenviertel", which emerged in 1906 and stretches on both sides of the Wodanstrasse.

Wodanstrasse at Holzgartenstrasse,  2010

Wodanstrasse at Holzgartenstrasse, 2010

Triangle and semicircle form the basis of these extraordinary beautiful roof gables. A historic advertising pillar rounds out this impression.

Hintere Bleiweissstrasse,  2012

Hintere Bleiweissstrasse, 2012

Like the whole neighbourhood of the "Bleiweissviertel" in later years the conspicuous high-rise bunker of 1941 was modernized in 1972. The wall paintings were created by the fantastic painter Wolfgang Harms.