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District 11  
Allersberger Strasse / Guttenbergplatz,  2009

Allersberger Strasse / Guttenbergplatz, 2009

The district of the former bell casters "Glockenhof" on its westside is bounded by the Allersberger Strasse to the neighbouring district "Galgenhof".

Scheurlstrasse,  2009

Scheurlstrasse, 2009

Named after one of the richest Nuremberg patrician families of the 15th century the Scheurlstrasse runs through the Marientunnel to the city centre.

Glockenhofstrasse / Scheurlstrasse,  2010

Glockenhofstrasse / Scheurlstrasse, 2010

Unfortunately the old core of Glockenhof, which was incorporated to Nuremberg in 1825, was extremely destroyed in World War II.

Obere Baustrasse,  2010

Obere Baustrasse, 2010

The rather inconspicuous "Obere Baustrasse" connects the "Harssdoerfer Platz" with the more northern "Regensburger Strasse".

Glockenhofstrasse,  2010

Glockenhofstrasse, 2010

In the central part of the street where several old houses are maintained there are still some remnants of the former tram route of the line 2 or 7.

Glockenhofstrasse / Kirchenstrasse,  2010

Glockenhofstrasse / Kirchenstrasse, 2010

The newer manor "Grundherrenschloss" of 1760 is situated at this street corner. The origin manor "Haus zum goldenen Schild" probably arosed in 1516.

Regensburger Strasse / Kirchenstrasse

Regensburger Strasse / Kirchenstrasse

Consecrated in 1901 the Evangelical Lutheran St. Peterskirche which replaced the minor church on the other side of the street is located on the district's edge of Glockenhof.

Kirchenstrasse,  2010

Kirchenstrasse, 2010

The quiet and low-traffic street is extending from the church St. Peter to the Grundherrenschloss at Glockenhofstrasse.

Schweiggerstrasse,  2010

Schweiggerstrasse, 2010

Born in 1613 the baroque sculptor Georg Schweigger created the first version of the "Nuremberg Neptune Well", which stands in St. Petersburg since 1797.

Baldurstrasse / Wodanstrasse,  2010

Baldurstrasse / Wodanstrasse, 2010

Relatively old enameled street signs fit in a house wall and furnished with an old-German font have become extremely rare.