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District 17  
Gibitzenhofstrasse / Karlsruher Strasse,  2009

Gibitzenhofstrasse / Karlsruher Strasse, 2009

The name of the former village "Gigitzenhof" of the 14th century under certain circumstances refers to the meadow bird peewit, which probably populated this area in ancient times.

Dr.-Luppe-Platz / Brehmstrasse 2009

Dr.-Luppe-Platz / Brehmstrasse 2009

Ahead of the "Brehmstrasse" you can reach the "Speyerer Strasse" via the passage through the ground floor of this curved, four-storeyed flat building.

Gibitzenhofstrasse / Alemannenstrasse,  2010

Gibitzenhofstrasse / Alemannenstrasse, 2010

As a result of extensions in the year 1905 the today's building of the "Pirckheimer-Gymnasium" replaced the little rural parish school of 1882.

Gibitzenhofstrasse / Suedring,  2009

Gibitzenhofstrasse / Suedring, 2009

At the busy crossroads to the "Suedring", which separates the districts "Dianastrasse" and "Werderau", the "Gibitzenhofstrasse" finds its end in the south.

Dianaplatz,  2010

Dianaplatz, 2010

Named after the roman moon and hunt goddess the "Dianaplatz" is the most southern point of the district "Gibitzenhof".

Herschelplatz,  2010

Herschelplatz, 2010

Built in 1911 at "Brehmstrasse" the "Friedrich-Wilhelm-Herschel-School" is named after the famous astronomer which discovered the planet Uranus.

Frankenschnellweg / Sandreuthbruecke,  2010

Frankenschnellweg / Sandreuthbruecke, 2010

Instead of barges meanwhile automobiles are driving in the stream channel of the old "Ludwigskanal", which is still flanked by the endless row of houses of the "Speyerer Strasse".

Strassburger Strasse,  2012

Strassburger Strasse, 2012

Whereas the huge church St. Ludwig is situated in the territory of Steinbuehl, its Catholic ministry in the "Pfaelzerstrasse" belongs to the district Gibitzenhof.