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St. Sebald

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Kaiserburg,  2009

Kaiserburg, 2009

The castle of Nuremberg, the town's landmark, looks back on nearly thousand years of history. We`re viewing the "Kaiserkapelle" and the two towers "Heidenturm" and "Sinwellturm".

Albrecht-Duerer-Haus, 2009

Albrecht-Duerer-Haus, 2009

Albrecht Duerer, the city`s most well-known artist, lived here from 1509 until he died in 1528. The worldwide famous painter among other things created impressive oil paintings.

Beim Tiergaertner Tor,  2009

Beim Tiergaertner Tor, 2009

This is possibly the most beautiful and famous place of Nuremberg, next to the Albrecht-Duerer-House. For many decades it is a popular meeting place for old and young.

Am Oelberg,  2009

Am Oelberg, 2009

Below the castle and besides the oldest timber frame house of Nuremberg, which was constructed in 1338, there is a small staircase, that connects the castle garden and the "Platz am Tiergaertner Tor".

Burggarten,  2009

Burggarten, 2009

The cultivated castle garden with an exquisite view to "Innerer Ring" was always open to the public.

Pilatushaus,  2009

Pilatushaus, 2009

The Pilatushouse and other considerable middle-class houses border the "Platz am Tiergaertner Tor".

St. Sebald,  2009

St. Sebald, 2009

In the 11th century mentioned as a chapel, the mighty gothic styled church was constructed in the beginning of the 13th century.

Burgstrasse,  2009

Burgstrasse, 2009

The street up to the castle. On the right side the front of the old town hall - on the left the back side of the church "St. Sebald".

Altes Rathaus (1),  2009

Altes Rathaus (1), 2009

The left portal of the old town hall with the "Great City Arms" of Nuremberg.

Altes Rathaus (2),  2009

Altes Rathaus (2), 2009

The old town hall was constructed between 1617 and 1622. Refered to its constructor Wolff the mighty building is also called „Wolffscher Bau“.