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St. Lorenz

District 6  
Old City Panorama,  2009

Old City Panorama, 2009

This spectacular outlook you can enjoy on the highest deck of the car park in "Adlerstrasse".

Fleischbruecke,  2009

Fleischbruecke, 2009

The "Flesh Bridge" is connecting the two old city districts: St. Lorenz in the south and St. Sebald in the north. The river Pegnitz is their borderline.

Adlerstrasse,  2009

Adlerstrasse, 2009

A beautiful row of houses in Adlerstrasse fortunately spared in World War II.

Nassauer Haus (1),  2009

Nassauer Haus (1), 2009

The "Nassauer House" is Nuremberg`s last old tower, that was used for residential purposes.

Nassauer Haus (2),  2009

Nassauer Haus (2), 2009

The two very nice and different sundials were attached in the year 1550.

St. Lorenz Church ,  2009

St. Lorenz Church , 2009

In the urbanistic concept this church is the counterpart of St. Sebald. Both are appendent to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Hefnersplatz,  2009

Hefnersplatz, 2009

In the warm season this place is laced with tables and chairs of the located coffee bars.

Ludwigstor,  2009

Ludwigstor, 2009

Along the "Spittlertorturm" and through the southwestern city wall, "Ludwigstrasse" blazes a trail from "Plaerrer" to the city.

Fronveste,  2010

Fronveste, 2010

View along glorious half timbered houses to the "Fronveste" in the middle of the river "Pegnitz": a prison in the 19th century.

Henkersteg,  2010

Henkersteg, 2010

The "Hangman`s Bridge" was constructed in 1457. The hangmen lived in the nearby "Hangman`s Tower" from the 16th until the 19th century.