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Airport Nuernberg,  2010

Airport Nuernberg, 2010

The international hub airport of the metropolitan region Nuremberg was inaugurated on 6 April 1955. It is the second largest airport of Bavaria.

Flughafenstrasse at Loeschweg,  2010

Flughafenstrasse at Loeschweg, 2010

The roundabout in front of the airport area constitutes a symbol for Germany’s largest tourist hub, which counts more than 4 million passengers a year.

Flughafenstrasse (1),  2010

Flughafenstrasse (1), 2010

Thinking about more than 40 flights a day to the major European metropolises and over 150 flights a week to holiday destinations it is soothing, that there are about 8,000 parking spaces.

Airport Nuremberg - Portal,  2010

Airport Nuremberg - Portal, 2010

In addition to the second greatest German airline Air Berlin that has its biggest hub at this place, there are many other notable airlines landing at the airport of Nuremberg.

U2-Station Flughafen

U2-Station Flughafen

Using the subway line U2 which was completed in 1999, you only need 12 minutes to get from the city to the terminal. This short time is a record all over Germany.

Flughafenstrasse (2),  2010

Flughafenstrasse (2), 2010

It may also be good for the flight training school that the most modern flight safety equipment and landing systems ensure safe operation in all weather.

Flughafenstrasse (3),  2010

Flughafenstrasse (3), 2010

In November 1998 the air-traffic controllers moved into the new tower and the neighbouring modern builing, where they are doing their responsible job.

Tower of Airport Nuernberg,  2010

Tower of Airport Nuernberg, 2010

The 48 metres high tower unhappily could not be a contemporary witness, when on 19 July 1986 the legendary Concorde landed in Nuremberg for the first time.

Rathsbergstrasse (1),  2010

Rathsbergstrasse (1), 2010

At the eastern enclosure of the airport you have a nice view to the aviation obstacle lights of the 2,700 metres long and 45 metres wide runway.

Rathsbergstrasse (2),  2010

Rathsbergstrasse (2), 2010

Situated between a protective forest and the fields of Knoblauchsland the airport takes care of the surrounding nature in form of a division of environment.