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Hauptbahnhof,  2010

Hauptbahnhof, 2010

The "Central Station of Nuremberg" was constructed between 1844 and 1847. The present appearance it got in the years 1900 until 1906.

Bahnhofsplatz,  2010

Bahnhofsplatz, 2010

The "Station Place" is one of the most important traffic junctions of Nuremberg.

Opernhaus (1),  2010

Opernhaus (1), 2010

"The Nuremberg Opera" was constructed between 1903 and 1905.  At the end of World War II it was hardly damaged.

Opernhaus (2),  2010

Opernhaus (2), 2010

It`s the richness of detail of many historical buildungs that makes the visitors of Nuremberg always being thrilled.

Eilgutstrasse,  2010

Eilgutstrasse, 2010

The "Express Freight Street" connects the west gate of the station and the area of the opera.

Karl-Broeger-Tunnel,  2010

Karl-Broeger-Tunnel, 2010

On the other side of this small pedestrian`s tunnel you can visit the district of "Galgenhof".

Verkehrsmuseum,  2009

Verkehrsmuseum, 2009

The enormous building of the "Museum of Traffic" was constructed in 1925. The "Royal Bavarian Railway Museum", however, was already founded in 1899.

Sandstrasse,  2010

Sandstrasse, 2010

Since the sixties you can find this little barbershop beneath the railway in "Sand Street".

Stromerstrasse,  2010

Stromerstrasse, 2010

It`s hard to believe, that "Tafelhof" was a little village out of town 200 years ago.

View from Station Steinbuehl,  2010

View from Station Steinbuehl, 2010

Regarding the expanded railway tracks in the area of the central station, you will understand the name "city of railwaymen".