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District 23  
Wiesentalstrasse (1),  2010

Wiesentalstrasse (1), 2010

Significantly this street in Sandberg`s south runs alongside the extensive meadows of the Pegnitz` river flood plains.

Kirschgartenstrasse / Wiesentalstrasse,  2010

Kirschgartenstrasse / Wiesentalstrasse, 2010

On the first day of the bathing season numerous bicycles assemble at the coloured entrance of the open-air bath "Freibad West".

Freibad West,  2010

Freibad West, 2010

This leisure facility, which is in high demand on hot summer days, has been completely restructured and renovated since September 2010.

Lederersteg,  2010

Lederersteg, 2010

This wooden foot-bridge at the river Pegnitz connects the Reutersbrunnenstrasse and the Suessheimweg and it`s nice to look at this romantic water wheel.

Suessheimweg,  2010

Suessheimweg, 2010

In spring numerous sunseekers come to the meadows at the river Pegnitz, which enhance significantly the quality of life in this district.

Helmstrasse,  2010

Helmstrasse, 2010

The Helmstrasse has its beginning at the Wiesentalstrasse, later it crosses the Johannisstrasse until it finally ends just ahead of the "Hospital North" at the Poppenreuther Strasse.

Wiesentalstrasse (2),  2010

Wiesentalstrasse (2), 2010

The old houses at the eastern end of the street bear up defiantly against the neighbouring modern buildings of the post-war era.

Johannisstrasse / Brueckenstrasse,  2010

Johannisstrasse / Brueckenstrasse, 2010

On its route to the "Westfriedhof" at this crossroads the Johannisstrasse enters into the west side of the district Sandberg.

Schnieglinger Strasse,  2011

Schnieglinger Strasse, 2011

Named after the well-known Nuremberg ice cream maker the "Dr.-Theo-Schoeller-School" captivates with its beautiful art nouveau building.

Kirschgartenstrasse,  2011

Kirschgartenstrasse, 2011

Very close to the Krugstrasse you are confronted with this ensemble, which only allows pedestrians reaching the southern part of the Kirschgartenstrasse.