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Kleinweidenmuehle (1),  2010

Kleinweidenmuehle (1), 2010

This is the menial staff house of the former paper mill and gristmill that regrettably doesn`t exist any more.

Großweidenmuehlsteg,  2010

Großweidenmuehlsteg, 2010

This timber bridge over the river "Pegnitz" connects the neighbouring districts "Himpfelshof" and "St. Johannis". On the right you see the maintained paper mill.

Pegnitz with Himpfelshof,  2010

Pegnitz with Himpfelshof, 2010

With regard to dogs that like to take a bath, this riverine place is very popular and furthermore it offers a nice view to "Himpfelshof".

Kleinweidenmuehle (2),  2010

Kleinweidenmuehle (2), 2010

After a general overhaul this typical franconian building with its wonderful timber frame and sandstone shines in a new light.

Untere Kieselbergstrasse,  2010

Untere Kieselbergstrasse, 2010

A very small alley with cobble stone pavement, that meanwhile is rarely to see. In former times significantly there was a gravel storage yard.

Roonstrasse / Fuerther Strasse,  2010

Roonstrasse / Fuerther Strasse, 2010

The beginning of "Roonstrasse" curiously is roofed over. The "Obere Kanalstrasse" on the other side of "Fuerther Strasse" belongs to "Gostenhof".

Himpfelshofstrasse / Roonstrasse,  2010

Himpfelshofstrasse / Roonstrasse, 2010

While drinking cool draught beer you may unhurriedly enjoy the modern and businesslike aesthetic of this mirrored building.

Roonstrasse,  2010

Roonstrasse, 2010

This elegant rolling complex of buildings of an important pharmaceutical concern has decisively affected the appearance of "Roonstrasse".

Suedliche Fuerther Strasse,  2009

Suedliche Fuerther Strasse, 2009

Ahead of "Plaerrer" the glass gangway of the new and old N-ERGIE Centre with the two red hares traverses this busy street to Fuerth.

(Noerdliche) Fuerther Strasse,  2010

(Noerdliche) Fuerther Strasse, 2010

The otherwise dead straight "Fuerth Street" at this point turns left and represents not more than a quiet side street.