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District 4  
Plaerrer, 2009

Plaerrer, 2009

The enormous place in front of the "Ludwigstor" of the southwestern city wall is an essential and indispensable centre of communication.

High-rise at Plaerrer,  2009

High-rise at Plaerrer, 2009

Constructed in 1952/53 and with an altitude of 56 meters this is the first high-rise building of Bavaria!

Am Plaerrer,  2009

Am Plaerrer, 2009

Spread over the whole place there are numerous stops and stations of the public local traffic: underground railway, tramway and bus lines.

Planetarium,  2009

Planetarium, 2009

The "Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium" was established in 1961 between "Plaerrer" and "Rothenburger Strasse" and it is unique in Bavaria.

Bauerngasse,  2009

Bauerngasse, 2009

Between "Farmers Alley" and "Gostenhofer Hauptstrasse" there is this remarkable splendid house, that survived World War II.

Rothenburger Strasse / Obere Kanalstrasse,  2010

Rothenburger Strasse / Obere Kanalstrasse, 2010

At this corner there is the eye-catching Greek Orthodox Church "Apostel Paulus".

Austrasse / Spenglerstrasse,  2010

Austrasse / Spenglerstrasse, 2010

This is a quiet little place, although five streets run in!

Rochusfriedhof,  2010

Rochusfriedhof, 2010

By reason of the numerous victims of black death, from 1517 until 1521 outside the city wall this very old graveyard came into existence.

Beim Rochusfriedhof,  2010

Beim Rochusfriedhof, 2010

The depot of the public utilities "N-ERGIE" / "Staedtische Werke Nuernberg" with the back view of the high-rise building at "Plaerrer".

Imhoffstrasse,  2010

Imhoffstrasse, 2010

This street along the western part of "Rochusfriedhof" is only to one side covered with houses and has a very old inn at the corner to mainstreet.