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District 24  
Lobsingerstrasse,  2010

Lobsingerstrasse, 2010

Founded in 1921 by Fritz Neumeyer the "Zuendapp-Plants" had their domicile at this place until 1984, where they manufactured very popular motorcycles.

Bielingplatz,  2010

Bielingplatz, 2010

In addition to the "Hospital North" the "Peter-Fischer-School Nuremberg" represents the basic centre of the eponymous district Bielingplatz.

Peter-Vischer-Schule,  2010

Peter-Vischer-Schule, 2010

Erected in the year 1914 at the Bielingplatz the extraordinary beautiful building maintains a middle school and a grammar school.

Flurstrasse / Kirchenweg,  2010

Flurstrasse / Kirchenweg, 2010

The conspicuous timber frame turret of this colourful corner house leads the way to the "Hospital North".

Klinikum Nord,  2010

Klinikum Nord, 2010

Originated in 1897, today the "Hospital North" is among the biggest European communal clinics.

Professor-Ernst-Nathan-Strasse,  2010

Professor-Ernst-Nathan-Strasse, 2010

On the right of the main entrance there is the historic sandstone building "House 1", which maintains the patient admission and the hospital museum.

Bucher Strasse / Nordwestring,  2010

Bucher Strasse / Nordwestring, 2010

In the course of the new frozen foods the second biggest German producer of ice cream experienced a real boom since the 1950s. Apart from this Schoeller produced gingerbread later.