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District 22  
Austrasse,  2010

Austrasse, 2010

Until recently the rather quiet one-way street was dominated by the neighbouring container terminal, which, with all its noise, moved to the port .

Adam-Klein-Strasse / Glockendonstrasse,  2010

Adam-Klein-Strasse / Glockendonstrasse, 2010

Consecrated in 1903, the Evangelical Lutheran Church "Dreieinigkeitskirche" like many other things of the statistic district Baerenschanze is situated in the old borough Gostenhof.

Fuerther Strasse/ Glockendonstrasse,  2010

Fuerther Strasse/ Glockendonstrasse, 2010

In 1890 the Ludwig-Railway-Memorial, which serves as a well, was unveiled at the old railway route between Nuremberg and Fuerth.

Fuerther Strasse / Feuerleinstrasse,  2010

Fuerther Strasse / Feuerleinstrasse, 2010

The thirteen limestone figures at the central-plan building of the law courts in opposite of the Feuerleinstrasse represent distinguished lawyers.

Fuerther Strasse / Justizpalast,  2010

Fuerther Strasse / Justizpalast, 2010

World-famous for the "Schwurgerichtssaal 600" Bavaria`s biggest courthouse was inaugurated by King Ludwig III in 1916.

Baerenschanzstrasse (1),  2010

Baerenschanzstrasse (1), 2010

In the Thirty Years' War the "Baerenschanze" was part of an outer fastening ring put up by Gustav Adolf around Nuremberg in 1632.

Sielstrasse (1),  2010

Sielstrasse (1), 2010

The domicile of the brewery Lederer is equipped with a superb shady beer garden. Nuremberg`s oldest brewery was founded in the year 1468.

Reutersbrunnenstrasse, 2010

Reutersbrunnenstrasse, 2010

The "Duerer-Gymnasium Nuernberg" was already founded in 1833, but it even got its today`s name in 1965. This building at Sielstrasse was constructed in 1913.

Maximilianstrasse / Georg-Hennch-Strasse,  2010

Maximilianstrasse / Georg-Hennch-Strasse, 2010

The first structures of the railway depot Nuremberg West on the western margin of the original district Gostenhof came into being even in 1875.

Jansenbruecke,  2010

Jansenbruecke, 2010

On 17 October 2005 the locomotive shed of the newer 18-metre-turntable unfortunately fell victim to a devastating fire.